So let them shut the government down!

During every debt ceiling crisis caused by President Obama’s incessant overspending, the fear mongering that Obama has invoked over Republican insistence on defunding Obamacare if the young conservatives succeed in convincing their moderate counterparts, there has been a consistent lie. The President has blamed Republicans for an impending government shutdown in the event of defunding the controversial Affordable Health Care Act. Even Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has denied that Republicans would be instrumental in shutting down the government even in their quest to stop Obamacare from being implemented! Yet, this is all a blatant, bald faced lie, perpetrated by the President to scare his opposition party from trying to derail his legacy-Obamacare.

Senate Leader Harry Reid blowing a gasket over Republican threats of a government shutdown go for it Harry go for it!
Senate Leader Harry Reid blowing a gasket over Republican threats of a government shutdown go for it Harry go for it!

Reagan specialized in allowing shut downs

What would happen if indeed the federal government did experience a shut down? During the two terms of President Ronald Reagan, a government shutdown occurred 6 or 7 times. Why? Reagan faced an overwhelming majority of Democrats in the House and the Senate. President Reagan in turning around a steep recession in the early 1980’s reduced income taxes, corporate taxes, and shrunk the size of the federal government’s unnecessary bureaucracy and spending. In doing so, Reagan angered his opposition who made all kinds of false allegations about him. They vilified President Reagan for his reductions in social engineering programs that bought Democratic votes!

Reagan stood against big government

Each time President Reagan vetoed Congressional overspending and refusal to come back to him with a viable reduction in the size of the federal government he allowed the Congressionally voted budget to go unapproved and thus a theoretic shut down on Capitol Hill occurred! The shutdown was over exaggerated and misrepresented by Democrats who did not want their cash cow to their constituents interrupted. What is a shut down? It’s like a weekend on Capitol Hill. The Congress and Senate go home. There are not new bills being legislated to further restrict and regulate commerce. The constant legislation of liberty evaporating laws comes to halt on the weekends, yet the core essential functions remain funded. Social Security benefits are paid, the armed services remain on station, and basic operations of the government are still undertaken.

What’s behind the fear mongering?

So, why the big scare over a government shut down? This would prove to the American people many things. It would show that the shut-down itself is a scare, a bluff, but not a life threatening prospect. The fact that a shut-down was not the monstrous scourge upon the land that President Obama has characterized it to be, but even more important is that it would prove that Obamacare can be legally defunded without negative repercussions! This is what the President and the Democrats don’t want the American people to know so they attempt to generate a panic among low information voters who believe these lies.

Republican betrayal

The worst part in all this is that Republican establishment leadership like Eric Cantor, Majority Leader who was quoted as saying nothing could be done about defunding Obamacare, when in truth it is a very viable strategy. John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Lindsay Graham, John McCain and other RINO’s have attacked the Tea Party conservative young lions like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, who have re-asserted the true direction of an opposition party that must combat the leftist agenda of the Democrats. For fear of supposedly losing more of their voter base, the Republican establishment have adopted capitulation as a strategy rather than proving President Obama to be the liar he really is!

What it boils down to

When Republican leadership bows to the false narratives of the President and the Democrats those lies will succeed that further unleash the ruling agenda of those who have been opposed to the US Constitution as an obstruction to their campaign to force everyone to submit to their motives. Only enemies of America would ever consider the US Constitution as a hindrance to their agenda such people as President Obama and his administration are the true enemy of freedom and rights that have been the hallmark of the American heritage, but apparently the people will have to experience this truth by paying the price for their complacence and apathy with the loss of those privileges they have taken for granted.

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