Syria an Act of Desperation by Obama

Will Congress allow world peace to be jeopardized by one delusional man?

I don’t even know why we are having this conversation right now, but I will make a point. Attacking Syria under the present climate of unrest in the Middle East and America’s current economic decline are acts of desperation by a delusional leader (Barack Obama). What does not even make more sense is why is Congress and the rest of the branches of government tolerating this act of lunacy?

Will Congress allow world peace to be jeopardized by one delusional man?
Will Congress allow world peace to be jeopardized by one delusional man?

Answer: Our government has been allowed to drift so far away from recognizing and honoring the US Constitution that a rogue and self-important President has been allowed to run wild. How could this have happened? This president should already have been impeached for waging war against Libya without seeking Congressional approval, but what happened. Nothing!

Don’t blame Bush

Please don’t tell me about President Bush. George W. Bush went to Congress and both Democrats and Republicans voted side by side to approve an aggression pact against Iraq when weapons of mass destruction were detected by satellite photo. So, pleased don’t insult my intelligence or yours. President Bush did recognize Constitutional procedure. Okay?

Men in black

Now we come to the matter of President (I never get enough attention) Obama. How could an act of war unprovoked by another nation-state with flimsy evidence at best that the leadership had authorized the use of nerve gas upon their own people? I will tell you why. I think of Mark Levin’s Book “Men in Black”. It talks about how the infiltration of the left in our government through the use of appointed, and not voted in, political figures can result in policies and legislation that does not represent the will of the people or necessarily the majority in Congress. How does that perverse scenario get implemented? By appointing justices with a radical agenda though the liberal actions of Democrat presidents who want to install the long duration influence of Supreme Court Justices like Sotomayor or Ruth Ginsburg, who express problems with the US Constitution itself!

Using biased verdicts to change society

However, the matter goes much deeper than that from the national level to the much less recognized state, district, and local level. Everything from Gay judges who refuse to convict pedophiles to liberal decisions on Agenda 21 orientated questions of eminent domain that should not even be recognized by any judge who should be acknowledging the US Constitution illustrate for us just how this infiltration can be attained.. How did Sharia Law ever get past the vote of the people in Oklahoma who voted by a wide margin (70%) specifically to ban its use in their state? President Obama appointed a federal judge from Colorado to intervene, that’s how! This is how radical law raises its ugly head through-out our system of law, because leftist judges that no one voted for are allowed to legislate from the bench! With their biased rulings they can affect change, but change that violates the US Constitution is something else. It’s called government sanctioned tyranny!

Violating the Constitution

Back to the matter of a delusional president, whose failing policies and lack of respect by the rest of the world for his indecisiveness, is about to blow the lid off the Middle East. How could Congress allow this to happen? The remedy once again that I speak of is the US Constitution. It does not allow any sitting president to implement an act of aggression against a nation-state. It does not allow a US President to act unilaterally and wage war without the consent of Congress.


If the president does, this is an act that is impeachable. This is a simple application of the law that is being ignored by a cowardly US Congress that has refused time and again to utilize its advantage and press home that advantage whenever the American people relied upon them to defeat the insanity of the Obama White House! Now we are faced with war. A war we have no business fighting, a war that could ignite the entire unstable Middle East and even provoke a war with Russia who has war ships steaming into the gulf along with the possibility of calling Iran’s bluff to attack Israel.

More sinister implications

Folks, can you say Armageddon? I think of the geological location, the forces that are involved, the fact that even China is against the potential US decision to invoke hostile acts against Syria, and I have to come to that conclusion as to what potential this conflict has of brewing out of control. The fact that President Obama is not even being stopped except perhaps slowed down by his advisors, if any of whom are sane, makes me wonder just what will it take for the people to finally demand that enough is enough and that for once the federal government better listen to us!

A dangerously delusional man

President Obama is a dangerous man. Why? I will tell you. He does not mind causing social unrest in our society, he does not mind flaunting the US Constitution, he has a very fatal character flaw known as vanity which will push him to consider American lives to be expendable if it benefits him politically, and he has no conception of how to run the traditional US free enterprise economy without making the federal government the center of all things. How can we allow one single flawed individual to bring world peace to a crushing end over that person’s faulty world view, just because he was elected president?

The answer to all this

One simple answer to that crucial question, because Congress, the Senate, and the Supreme Court have allowed him to get away with everything. Why is that? Another simple answer, because our federal government no longer observes the US Constitution as its guidepost and this is what can happen when our society has been transformed by a defacto government. The dictators of the world thrive on capitalizing on governments powerless to act against them because those governments were sabotaged from within. The bloody pages of human history are full of such examples. Hence, our present crisis!


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