Do you really live in a free society? US Dictatorial Medicine

What are the American people to believe under this President and his corrupt administration?
What are the American people to believe under this President and his corrupt administration?


Without disclosure to the American public or any forthcoming details, a nationalized healthcare system was unveiled. Although Nancy Pelosi made the moronic statement, “we won’t know what’s in the bill until we pass it.” Republicans complained that secret after hours meetings, backdoor deals using millions in federal subsidies to buy off those who resisted, while the GOP was denied access to the decision making, characterized a draconian maneuver to force public participation. Do these events constitute government for and by the people? Did this controversial measure that now has the majority of Americans up in arms meet the criteria of a Republic that observes the rule of its own laws?

Is this really affordable?

Think of it, socialized medicine that has failed in Canada, Europe, and Great Britain is, never the less, shoved down the throat of the American people regardless of whether it was properly legislated or not. Just because the Democratic Party could buy the votes of the type of support they sought, the wards of the state, the 47% who don’t work and subsist on federal programs, who were targeted for this nationalized health care, the supposed Affordable Healthcare Act or Obamacare, as most call it, this monstrosity was unleashed upon American society. In an unprecedented rush to pass a highly unpopular law, our federal government acted like a dictatorship in its insistence and disregard for the economic consequences.

The hand that paralyzes

An act that will capture 1/6 of the US economy, has already raised the cost of family medical plans by 32%, and required more than 700 million to be taken out of Medicare plans in order to begin funding this legislation has been ramrodded into existence! Now the federal government will exercise the most intrusive form of law since the Revenue Act of 1913 was voted into law under very irregular methods. As a matter of fact, the same entity that was born into existence in that year, the IRS, the terrorist branch of the Federal Reserve, will enforce and intimidate those seeking medical care under the new laws.

Estimates based upon lies

The original disingenuous projected costs of 900 billion for the first 9 years of the Affordable Healthcare Act which does not include the money stolen from Medicare, has now been realistically tripled by the GAO to 2.7 trillion in less than ten years and now projected costs are rising. Why? Remember that the government will be creating infrastructure to manage this perversion. There will be 90,000 newly hired IRS agents licensed to use shotguns to enforce Obamacare and harass people into paying for delinquent taxes. There will be even more federal employees hired who will also become part of the lucrative federal union that will also have to paid for by tax revenues.

Who really benefits?

In short, the American people will be paying to support those who do not work and live off the government while also financing the growth of the federal government juggernaut that will now control almost every aspect of our lives with the new Obamacare law. Did anyone care to tell you about the home inspections that federal employees will be allowed to pursue? Did you know that school menus will be subject to federal oversight? Did you know that your child will appear on a list sent home from the public school nurse that will determine if he or she is considered obese? This, in turn, will make more mandatory federal intervention necessary! Did you know that those who could be delinquent on their taxes might be confronted at the hospital over their federal debt and prevented from getting medical care even under medical emergencies?


In a nutshell this defines what you are urged to believe is a Constitutional Republic that obeys the rule of its own laws and recognizes the rights of its citizens when nothing could be further from the truth! Your rights are not being represented! Your life is about to be regulated like cattle by the USDA! You were never given any information about what would have been entailed in the new Affordable Healthcare Act! You were never consulted! This legislation was negotiated behind closed doors, designed for the entitlement population. Those who would be forced to pay for what they never asked for (nationalized medicine), were never given their right to vote on it!

The final insult

Here is the final slap in the face for Americans who have been coerced into complying with Obamacare. The young, just starting out with little money, experience, or need for medical procedures will be saddled with Obamacare costs at an age where they will least need such coverage or use it, yet they will be paying a large chunk of their income for it. Yet, as seniors age and succumb to the diseases of aging, Obamacare will be rationed in order to cut costs and those who are chronically ill or on terminal treatment will be subject to panels who will decide whether they get treatment or not. They will receive pain medication as their death looms nearer! This the definition of social medicine designed around a budget instead of the Hippocratic Oath, which urges the physician to do the best of his ability to heal his patient, ensures certain death for the unfortunate. Decided by the death panels that Sarah Palin was so adroit in warning us about!

The Result

Think of what your America has now hideously morphed into at the hands of the liberally controlled federal government. It has abandoned your Constitutional rights. Energy is now intended to increase in cost so as to force Americans to seek other alternatives. Like what, when it’s 104 outside? Like what when it is 20 degrees with a strong wind and threatening clouds of snow? President Obama shut down the coal plants whose harnessed power guaranteed reserve energy when demand is the highest. Now outages and brown-outs are guaranteed while we pay more per kilowatt hour! All at the behest of the punishing Obama doctrine when unemployment is high and the US economy is declining.

The glaring contradiction

Does this sound like compassionate, caring, Constitutional government that recognizes the needs and will of the people? No, it does not! Why is anyone supporting this debauchery? How could anyone rationalize this type of out of control tyranny? Yet, the young, the inexperienced, the ranks of the wards of the state, applaud this perversity out of ignorance and self-interest.

The new America?

This represents the new America, an America that hangs in the balance, an America that clings to false reassurances, an America that has abandoned the great principals that set the standard for a troubled world seeking the beacon of light we know as freedom. People, I must say to you that you are watching our way of life being ripped from our grasp by a radical government that used threats, deceit, and radicalism to forge their imprint upon our nation. You must not sit idly if you expect your country to survive! This is the responsibility of the vigilant and caring, who value their way of life. Fight tyranny!




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