The Institutionalized Sabotage of America

It takes a former Communist who recognized what is going on in America as the coup continues.
It took a former Communist to recognize what is going on in America as the coup continues.

How do you destabilize a regime or economic power in the world? According to defected KGB disinformation specialist Yuri Bezmenov, you use appointees, unelected officials who can implement change without oversight or need of a vote. As Bezmenov pointed out, when you demoralize a society, you create a disruption within the culture caused by government. Conflicting ideology not met with a conservative voice that speaks out and defines the values of a society under radical assault will eventually submit to the coercion of politics that are diametrically opposed to the heritage of that culture. When you create uncertainty, confusion, doubt in the leadership, and chaos with a concerted campaign of tyrannical Democracy you create a collapse of our system from within.

Our patriotic leaders saw the threat

Our great loyal leaders of the past such as President Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan recognized that conflicting ideologies instituted by liberalism within our government could topple America from within by the methodical destruction of our Constitutional guideposts. The very strength of a coup comes first from the lies, the propaganda, the half-truths, fed to the masses by the radicals committed to the overthrow of a peaceful society with a stable government. On Capitol Hill, we have an administration that has refused to orchestrate an economic recovery using environmental arguments to regulate and restrict private sector business and job growth.Keeping the US in a state of  economic dependency and social upheaval is a calculated plan not the inability of the White House to fix impossible circumstances.

Sanctioning uncertainty

However, it’s even more horrific than the ultimate motive of an illegitimate White House that conducts a covert assault against every facet of the US system of free enterprise, individual pursuit of freedom, America’s foreign policy, and even compromising the justice system. When our internal system of security such as the background checks made upon US personnel of the armed services is allowed to fail and mentally unstable men like Nidal Hassan and Aaron Alexis are knowingly allowed to slip through the cracks of normal mental health requirements through ignoring their repeated acts of misconduct, you can be assured that it was policy dictated from the top that allowed it to happen.

Even our servicemen are uncertain

The air of uncertainty allowed to spread like a malignancy as unarmed military personnel within the supposed sanctuary of their own bases being gunned down by their comrades? This is a symptom of the intentional entropy of our society being instituted with government sanctioned neglect. Remember that President Obama cut 487 billion from the defense budget and yet pushed America into the Libyan conflict without Congressional approval and was poised to do the same over Syria. The breakdown of the people’s faith in their establishments begins the gradual journey of an intended social unrest that will thrust America into the same chaos that toppled Egypt if this present administration is allowed to continue conducting its radical warfare from within the walls of our government.

Court appointed demoralization

A judiciary that promotes Gay marriage, courts that allow the consideration of Sharia Law within the States who have voted it down, an unconstitutional act, a government that refuses to protect the rights of the unborn, yet, subsidizes a huge influx of illegal aliens to infiltrate our borders while Eric Holder’s DOJ attacks states that are upholding federal law, are these not the symptoms of a war being waged from within? When we see our Constitutional Republic is gradually replaced by an overbearing, oversized, overzealous leftist regime that views individual freedom as a roadblock to their agenda, than you know America is in deep trouble.

Education a tool of the government

You know when publicly funded education has been used as a tool of indoctrination and subversion so that the young adults of America support a destructive US President whose destructive policies are not merely a matter of opinion but a matter of record than you know the first stages of destabilization have already been achieved. In 1960 Nikita Khrushchev warned America, “We will bury you.” He often stated that America would be taken over without firing a shot. The former Soviet Premier was confident that by infecting US society through subversion and propaganda, Marxism and collectivism would eventually be instituted by not only a deeply infiltrated government, but an indoctrinated society of apathetic citizens too blind to see.


If America has not been thoroughly indoctrinated and has become despicably complacent, tell me how after the Fast and Furious operation, after the Benghazi massacre, after the IRS scandal, and illegal NSA spying on US citizens why have there been no arrests? Why has President Obama not been held accountable? Why have none of the perpetrators of the Benghazi attacks been captured? Does this sad fact not indicate that our government has been thoroughly compromised from within through institutionalized corruption? Where is the public outcry? Why have the young not recognized the faulty government rule? The people should long ago have risen up and demanded an end to this insanity, and have not. This is an example of the effect of indoctrination!

Today crisis and controversy have replaced relative peace and order. The Democrats have used crisis to capitalize on these incidents in order to further transform the American heritage of Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms by instituting gun control in violation of the 2nd Amendment. Fiscal policy has been transformed thanks to the restrictions that will be implemented by Dodd Frank legislation as a result of federal policies that made the financial meltdown of 2008 possible. An economic recession has been allowed to continue unremedied by an administration that will use the convoluted logic of politically motivated environmental controls that kill jobs and deny America a cheap and secure source of energy and distribution of it.

The answer being ignored

In order for America to survive we must reclaim the conservative direction that was originally instilled by our forefathers who were committed to freedom, our right to prosperity, and the protection of the citizens from the tyranny of an out of control central government that has lost sight of its original mandate. However, the people are going to have to realize just how they’ve been betrayed by the rigid ideologues in the Obama administration and Democratic Party who have orchestrated this coup of our great nation. We in America are facing the greatest challenge ever known to this nation. The threat is not from a foreign enemy with a standing army that threatens our armed forces. It is the threat from within that could only have succeeded by the appointment of those from within who despise America and the freedom it has bestowed upon its citizens.


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