The White House Sanctioned Economic Decline of America

Only through deception can the Democratic platform succeed as it destroys the US economy.
Only through deception can the Democratic platform succeed as it destroys the US economy.

In the last 10 years we have seen the Democratic Party literally degenerate into A Saul Alinsky model of socialism. False narratives have become, not the exception but rather the norm. Propaganda, disinformation, and big government dependency are simply the only things holding this co-opted political party together because any well-educated public would easily recognize that the Democrat’s policies are the source of the problem. So they must twist the truth.

Blame it all on Rush Limbaugh

Purely characterized by the disinformation campaign by the Obama White House is the recent televised lies being broadcast on C-Span where callers such as a man identifying himself as Alex from Rochester actually called in to blame Rush Limbaugh for influencing the Republicans into obstructing the good work of the Democrats by calling for them to lean too far to the right! Several callers proceeded to, more or less, express the same opinion. Democrat deception has obviously risen to an all-time high when they used C- Span to further mislead the public by using trolls or ignorant proponents to bolster the Democratic message of blaming Republicans for not going along with the continued destructive policies of the White House.

Politically caused decline

With the present 1.8 economic growth of the US economy and a loss of 2 million jobs lost since President Obama took office, more people in poverty (15%), more people on welfare, more Americans on food stamps, and more than ever on unemployment, the White House continues to trumpet their great economic achievements of the administration. With median household income down and employment figures slowing since numbers reported at the first of the year by more than a hundred thousand a month there is obviously no economic recovery, there is no prosperity, and only false claims of a nonexistent recovery.

The uninformed- the strength of the White House

For young people with no experience who idolize the President with no idea of the true facts, with those who prefer to live off federal subsidies as wards of the state, and the pure leftist zealots who will only promote their ideological agenda regardless of the negative consequences to the our nation, the impact of President Obama’s policies is being ignored. These people are not interested in truth they would rather support their idol, they would rather live in the fantasy of the Democratic lies, they are committed to an illusion created by the White House propaganda machine. In America there has been a huge disparity over the true state of the nation between how things really are and who is truly responsible for the deterioration of the quality of American life.

What opposition?

The rampant disinformation being exercised by the White House and the capitulation of Speaker of the House, John Boehner, the GOP leader has resulted in not only Democrats but establishment Republicans attacking the Tea Party elected leaders such as Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio, who are trying to get the GOP to act like a true opposition party and stick to their conservative orientation in order to straighten out the leftist ideological crisis that has gripped America with lies and defeatist policies.

If Obama supporters would face the facts and embrace the truth about their beloved deceptive ruler, who they worship then they would have to acknowledge the following inconvenient truths. Here are some sobering economic realities about America under President Obama’s stewardship.

  • More Americans are living in true poverty than ever before at 15% which represents 46 million people.
  • 11.4 million Americans are currently unemployed in America not reflecting those who have given up.
  • 2 million jobs lost during the Obama administration
  • Median household income has been reduced by $2,627.00 per year.
  • Jobs created during the last 4 ½ years have been service related non-career opportunities less the 14 hr.


A president with no clue

Even with the GOP unable to curtail the Democratic onslaught that has been waged against America still President Obama lashes out at Republicans to blame them any time he’s not allowed spend more money over debt ceilings, having to acknowledge sequestration that he supported, it seems our oval office executive has no fiscal savvy as an impending deficit crisis looms.

Intentional  decline?

Many people say that our President is committed to intentionally causing economic chaos in order to install a socialist government while others insist he has already succeeded. One thing is for sure, America is no longer the prosperous nation that guaranteed economic growth and career opportunities to a population that sought being self-reliant. Hope and change, the redistribution of wealth, and a transformation of America society that the President promised during his 08 campaign has translated into a bleak state of the union and a future full of uncertainty for the people of the US.


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