A President Willing To Shut Down the Government

It's your President's agenda that will suffer under a shut-down not your best interests. Don't fall for the fear mongering!
It’s your President’s agenda that will suffer under a shut-down not your best interests. Don’t fall for the fear mongering!

Don’t fall for the Democrat fear mongering

After giving an angry speech blaming Congress for their vote to defund Obamacare the President is now willing to further punish Americans if he does not get his way. On Saturday it was reported that President Obama called Speaker of the House and GOP majority leader, John Boehner,  that he would not negotiate over the delay or defunding of a nationalized health bill that is largely unpopular among most Americans. It is clear that in his egotistical and childishly stubborn frame of mind that the President would rather subject the American public to the higher costs and rationed health care for the elderly in order to fulfill his ambition to create a legacy with his signature upon it. President Obama will fear monger over a government shut-down, but it will only serve the interests of the people!

The will of the people

When Republicans made the decision to defund Obamacare they were listening to the will of the American, they were not playing politics as the President charged. It is almost tragically laughable to hear the President accusing his opposition of playing politics when this is all that Obama has done since he has been in office. Literally every major decision the President has made has been in the interests of his party not in the best interests of the American people, and yet he continually deceives the people every time he makes a speech in order to campaign on one of his agendas.

A step in the right direction

Now that the GOP led Congress has voted to defund the Affordable Care Act it goes to the Senate where obviously, Harry Reid will put a stop to it. It will then go back to the Congress  and be voted on again. Ted Cruz has said that he will filibuster the issue in order to stop the vote from going further. Some Republicans are buying into the false narrative of the Democrats and even Karl Rove, who claim that the GOP will be seen in a bad light by the American public as the ones who caused a government shut down and thus be blamed by the people. They claim that this could have bad implications for Republican leadership who is already worried about losing more popularity and votes for the future, but this is useless diatribe. This is only an excuse for GOP leaders to capitulate. The reason that Republicans are in the position they are in is because they have abandoned their conservative core values and have been deceived by Democratic Party narratives!

More lies from Harry Reid

Harry Reid in the Senate accuses the GOP of being pulled off-center by the right-wing wacko Tea Party, and nothing could be further from the truth! The Tea Party scares the hell out of the Democrats who know that if the American public every wakes up from the distraction and lies being manufactured by the Democratic Party propaganda machinery Americans will see the flawed policies that have led this country down a path of economic decline and the creation of a welfare socialist state which is the only kind of prosperity Democrats can ever bring to America. The days of President John F. Kennedy and his conservative fiscal policies along with his tough foreign policy are long over for Democrats who have been complete co-opted by radicalism and hatred for traditional standards that have brought greatness in the past to this nation.

A predictable outcome by the president

The President will only exercise two options in this debate over the flawed and unpopular Obamacare issue. He will either allow the bill to be defunded (fate chance) or he will shut down the government and allow the pressure cooker to be switched on (an obvious political move) and blame the GOP for causing this. President Obama will continually play the arena of public opinion because he knows he can always sway the low information voters into seeing things his way, especially when his way means another slap in the face to the American public who is too blind to see the continuing tightening of a federal noose around their necks. That noose is made of all the big government legislation that has been passed over the last 4 ½ years that has robbed our freedom, beset private sector business with more restrictions and regulations, and has plagued besieged Americans in a bad economy with more taxes to pay for the President’s never ending spending!

The unjustified tyranny of Washington

The people must wake up. Americans have no responsibility for paying the burden of federal government fiscal mismanagement and arrogance with more tax increases. The American people are not beholden to the misrepresentative  acts of a federal government who imposes unpopular legislation that will impose the weight of a police state upon them. Yet, this is what your President wants to do. Obama has absolutely no compunction about infringing upon the American way of life and using big government to crush our right to privacy, our freedom of speech, our 2nd Amendment rights, and our dwindling pocketbooks to fund his insatiable appetite for spending that only buys more votes for the Democrats in order for them to remain in power. I mean taxes upon the middle class and the affluent in order to fund more welfare, more food stamps, more federal subsidy, and amnesty for an illegal immigrant population that will gladly vote Democrat as they collect federal giveaways designed to commandeer their votes!

A government shut-down is not the end of the world!

So what is the government shuts down! Under President Ronald Reagan there were at least  5  government shut downs. So what? This is more fear mongering by the president and the Democrats! It will be just like the weekend where Congress and Senate go home and stop making more and more laws that we don’t need and spend tax payer’s money they have no right to waste! So what if the government takes a vacation from attacking our freedoms for a few days! During the Clinton administration a forced shut down that was wielded by the President only helped to gain 2 Senate seats for the GOP. The Republicans did not suffer because somehow the American people woke up and realized that President Clinton was the problem not the solution! Yet, today we have the GOP using the shut-down of that era as an excuse to capitulate over defunding Obamacare.

A final call to battle

People wake up if you don’t want Obamacare. You have been given the facts. It will cost more. It will burden young people who don’t need it in their younger healthier years while using their money to fund the rationed care of seniors who need it the most. The death panels are real and they will come! Tell you Republican Senators and Congressmen to stand firm and not to give in. Stop this nationalized medicine fraud. It has not worked for any country that has implemented it! Why would it work here except for Democratic political gain to buy votes from the wards of the state! Time to wake up and see where leadership on Capitol Hill had led you as your nation suffers a steady decline!





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  1. Doc, this is a good article and Ted Cruz;s initiative is all fine and good, but
    it will go nowhere as long as the Senate is controlled by Democrats and
    there is a Democrat in the oval office. So I am not sure what they
    hope to accomplish with this. It just makes Boehner look foolish again once again and demonstrates the division in the Republican party.
    if they had the numbers to pass this in the Senate and overrule a veto, it would
    still be funded.

    This constant wrangling over the debt ceiling and
    continuing resolutions (CRs) is insane. Parties are supposed to
    negotiate and act like adults, not like a bunch of partisan fools. There
    are no longer any meaningful debates, just more bashing of one side
    over the other. They should grow up, all of them.

    Voters trust the Democrats more on healthcare, even though a majority of Americans have a distaste with ObmaCare. The reasons they don’t like it vary, for those on the left they feel betrayed that it’s not a single payer system, while on the right they want the government out of the doctor’s office.

    What’s missing here is a viable alternative to ObamaCare. Some of the things I have heard Ted Cruz and other Republicans kick around are health care savings accounts and tax deductions. For a shrinking Middle class that already has difficulty stretching their pocket book from payday to payday, none of these options are viable alternatives. Let’s see a serious counter proposal since even Ted Cruz doesn’t believe this will result in anything. There will not be the grass roots uprising that Ted Cruz had hoped for.

    • Karl,
      Thank you so much for weighing in. Let’s go back to 1995 and 96 during the shutdown in the Clinton era. Republicans gained two Senate seats and other feathers on their cap for refusing to back down over debt related issues. During the Reagan era there were at least 5 shut downs that allowed President Reagan to succeed in his agenda with a Democrat majority in both houses because the man stuck to his conservative principles. The GOP has a chance here to back down the President if they will stick together without flinching. Congress holds the purse strings to the government and they have the right to withhold funding if they see fit. The problem is that they don’t recognize the power they have because of the Democrat’s incessant disinformation out of Obama’s mouth and the continued false narratives they use to sway the low information voters. This why Obama goes to the junior colleges to campaign where he will get the least amount of opposition. Karl, if the gOP can remain committed they will succeed as long as they are willing to stand tall. Thanks

    • Karl,
      Political parties are supposed to act like adults when they are not dealing with entrenched radicals and rigid ideologues like Obama who has stated he will not negotiate. If he will not negotiate then the GOP has no other option or they will be walked over and will still suffer the negative narratives and lies of the Democratic party. Karl, the Republicans must respond as they are doing they have run out of options. Hopefully the conservative cause will prevail. Thank you buddy for your comments! Take care.