Earth To GOP: Let The Damn Government Shut Down!

Senator Cruz of Texas filibustered for more than 20 hours as the GOP establishment sabotaged his efforts!

The deepening and unnecessary dilemma points to hidden agendas!

Recently Senator Ted Cruz of Texas stood for nearly 21 hours filibustering against the funding of Obamacare as members of his own party tried to sabotage his heroic efforts! John McCain among others representing the Republican establishment on Capitol Hill, the go along, get along crowd, don’t see eye to eye with their constituents, the American public, who is vehemently against the Affordable Care Act.  It seems that John McCain took comments made in general by Ted Cruz and turned it into a personal affront when that was not the intention of the Senator of Texas at all!

Senator Cruz of Texas filibustered for more than 20 hours as the GOP establishment sabotaged his efforts!
Senator Cruz of Texas filibustered for more than 20 hours as the GOP establishment sabotaged his efforts!

Refusing to act

With the Democrats running amuck using out of control spending to buy the votes of the low information voter along with the wards of the welfare state you would think that the GOP responding in the good faith of being an opposition party would be acting in the interests of constitutionalists and conservatives. No sir. Out of 46 Republican senators only 19 stood with the people who have said by a margin of 70% that they do not want Obamacare, a nationalized form of mandatory health care that will be economically destructive.

The false narrative of defeatism

What was the rationale of the GOP as they actually sabotaged their own constituents and Tea Party elected officials who made a pledge not to over spend, who made a pledge to make government accountable to its own US Constitution, and to stop the Democratic Party’s rampage against free enterprise and personal liberties in this country? Our intrepid GOP leaders remind us of 1995-96 as the government shut down in the Clinton administration loomed and what consequences by the Republican Party were felt then as justification for them railroading today’s attempts at keeping President Obama from getting another spending limit increase and implementing Obamacare.

Let’s take a look at what happened in that dastardly period back in the Clinton era that supposedly so devastated Republicans that they quake in their boots when presently contemplating being blamed for a current government shutdown when it is the President himself who said he refuses to negotiate with those no good Republicans! Yet, quite surprisingly, our President will pick up the phone and negotiate with a Regime that we haven’t had official diplomatic relations with in 29 years since they held Americans hostage for more than a year as US servicemen died in a botched attempt to free them. A nation that is suspect of manufacturing weapons grade plutonium is worthy of President Obama’s magnanimous consideration, but no not those Republicans, no sir!

1995-96 oh the horrors!

What terrible repercussions were felt as President Clinton twice vetoed balanced budget proposals as the philandering Democratic President that he was? The Republican’s hard line on reducing federal government spending resulted in 4 consecutive fiscal period balanced budgets which Clinton took credit for, but had refused to pass. The Republicans lost 8 Congressional seats, but still maintained a House majority. The GOP gained 2 seats in the Senate and paved the way for the election of a Republican President, George Bush. These are the horrific outcomes of two government shutdowns over 1995 and 1996 that were largely due to President Clinton’s insistence on more deficit spending just as we see in the actions of President Obama today!

What happened during the shut downs that was so incredibly bad? Well, all non-essential federal employees were furloughed while essential services and personnel remained on station! It was a 28 day weekend with Congress and the Senate closed unable to enact new laws and regulations that usually cost tax payers more money while restricting our freedoms. The EPA was not allowed to exercise their draconian powers against US businesses under the aegis of the environment. National parks were closed giving Smokey the Bear a much needed break! The supposed loss of tourism and related airline flights claimed by the news services? Questionable.

So where’s the boogeyman GOP?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these were the sordid details that so terrify law makers today over a government shut down while the Democrats get a free pass by the US media. Wow! President Obama talks to Iran! Did the US mainstream media bother to mention that when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sent a bill back to the House that even though a provision was voted on by the Senate to defund Obamacare that this provision would be automatically stripped with a revision including funding of the Affordable Car Act? No. The truth is that a government shut-down will more likely hurt President Obama’s already failing popularity in the opinion polls and will also highlight Harry Reid’s complicity in forcing the situation beyond a negotiable means to an end. To be expected, the low information voters have rarely if at all been informed of the obstructionism that Senator of Nevada, Harry Reid has played in stopping all attempts at balanced budget amendments, debt ceiling limits, and any other responsible measures that would have benefited the American people.

The unspoken truth

So, in all this, we see a Democratic Party committed to destructive Parliamentary procedures that undermine the will of the people and promote a socialist agenda that refuses to acknowledge fiscal self- control, because the Obama White House has no intention of curtailing its war on the America that you and I grew up in.  As for the Republicans who took an oath to defend the US Constitution, to represent the will of their voters, and to act as a responsible opposition party we have seen failure after failure, capitulation after capitulation, in fighting a flawed Democratic Party that is totally immersed in endless scandals that should be prosecuted, yet the GOP will not exhibit the will to pursue justice!

Young lions under attack

When the will of the people is being heard by such members of the GOP such as the Tea Party elected candidates such as Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio they are attacked by their very own party. The GOP cannot and refuses to remain united in their opposition to an obvious assault on America by the Democratic Party! All the GOP has to do is look across the aisle at the strategy of the Democrats who vote lock in step with each other whether its good for America or not and realize that they would win many more battles united than in their present mode of dishevel! The John McCains, the Lindsay Grahams, and the John Boehners of the party have sabotaged almost every potential advantage that the GOP could have gained politically and for the good of this nation.

Sad summation

There are many who believe that by these contrary actions that obviously hurt this country and violate the original Constitutional polarity of our government that it is not some convoluted matter of self- defeating misguidance, but it is the unseen influence of a shadow government that is indeed committed to taking down the US and its global influence. They believe that this distractive bickering between parties as they both contribute to the reduction of our nation to that of a third world banana republic with a welfare government perpetually in debt with a compromised industrial base that has been virtually outsourced to foreign entities is the product of a globalist influence. The one world government that has been labeled as another wacko conspiracy theory by the US lap dog media is, in actuality, completely documented and provable beyond the shadow of a doubt, yet we are being deceived!


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