Democrats Intentionally Jeopardize the US Economy

Washington is the center of the US economic downfall!
Washington is the center of the US economic downfall!

As the US media continues to cover-up for President Obama and his radical administration as the Democrats intentionally induces pain upon the American public over a shutdown that they orchestrated. The facts are undeniable. Perhaps never in the history of the United States of America has this nation been ruled by a White House that has intentionally created so many false narratives and manipulated crises. Using the classic scare tactics of leftist propaganda, the White House once again threatened the issuance of social security checks if the shutdown continues. We heard this false claim before used by the President in 2011 over the last debt limit crisis created by the Obama administration.

The evils of foreign borrowing

One must stop and consider the sobering truth about the continued deficit spending . As the President blames the GOP for using the debt limit as a way of holding the country hostage for political reasons the facts will once again overshadow the faulty allegations of the administration. By borrowing more and more money in order to fund big government debt from foreign investor nations like China and Japan, the US becomes influenced by the demands of these offshore jurisdictions who are not necessarily aligned with the best interests of the American people.

Economic strangle hold

The US dollar loses its buying power when its value is continually diluted by printing of more money to pay government debt. When the Federal Reserve must float the US economy by buying 85 billion in Treasury Bonds each month to avoid inflationary impact on the questionable recovery that President Obama touts, be assured that the US is on thin ice! 1.8% to 2 % economic growth will only turn into a recession if the Democratic strangle hold on the US economy is not broken. The continued increase of the debt ceiling only encourages more spending and a deepening deficit.

Destructive policies

Why would any administration want to threaten the monetary stability of this nation? Why are the Democrats continually insisting on more spending and higher debt limits? Their federal subsidies designed for their program of social engineering are intended to buy votes from the wards of the state that their big government agenda demands. Despite the danger to the economic stability of America, buying votes and remaining in power are the signature strategies used by the Obama Democrats. Time and time again the lies and draconian policies of the Democrats take priority over the truth.

Ignoring due process

Our Constitutional Republic intended for balanced budgets and the smallest influence possible of government in the lives of Americans and private commerce, yet this is not how the radical left and the co-opted Democratic Party intends to rule, not govern. However, in today’s declining America, big government that stifles the private sector by using taxes and regulations just as tax payers are further burdened by the ever increasing load of federal employees who are the inevitable part of the infrastructure of federal agencies. This is the inescapable implication of big, intrusive, government.





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