The True Extremists in Washington

The true problems of the nation owned by these two men above.
The true problems of the nation owned by these two men above.

Harry Reid, Senator from Nevada, and Speaker of the Senate, has done nothing but table GOP proposals that could have turned around the US economy, defunded the disastrous Obamacare, and limit federal government out of control spending. He has characterized the Tea Party as extremists because they advocate that the US government should operate based upon its own US Constitution, balance the budget deficit, that big government should be streamlined to cut the unnecessary waste that amounts to billions every year, and let the private sector be the engine that generates prosperity and opportunity, not the government. This, Harry Reid considers extremism.

Seeing through the curtain of lies

Democrats have much to lose if these principles are followed. When Americans see opportunity that has been generated by better paying jobs that come from private sector industry unleashed from the constraints of restrictive EPA interference that Obama uses to enforce his agenda upon America, it will be over for them and they know it. When people can get higher paying jobs from private employers instead of government hand-outs then true economic growth does take place. When President Ronald Reagan’s actions to get the federal government out of the way of the private sector generated more than 20 million jobs he proved that conservative fiscal policy works. Reagan’s philosophy restored the American dream and remedied a steep recession. Those same methods will work today, but for the intentional obstruction by the Democratic Party who cannot allow an economic recovery that will expose their failures and the repercussions of their radical agenda.

Lies behind the blame game

Texas Senator, John Cornyn, outlined the extent of GOP proposals in the debt negotiations that the Democratic propaganda machine rejected in favor of allowing a shut-down that they intended to politically capitalize upon.

Below are the proposals offered by Republicans who made every effort to avoid a shut-down that the President blamed them for. So, ask yourself who is really responsible for the avoidable pain caused by this intentional and politically motivated crisis.

  • Fund the government but defund Obamacare
  • Fund the government and delay Obamacare
  • Fund the government and Obamacare but delay the individual mandate
  • Pay for our veterans essential services
  • Keep US national parks open


What happened America?

Remember that the President stated over and over again he would not negotiate. He would rather impose his will over the American people and force them to pay for higher insurance premiums with higher deductibles, while forcing US Citizens into accepting the draconian enforcement of this grievous law using the IRS to harass and terrorize patients into complying with socialized medicine. Taxing those who do not want to be forced into participation, forcing people to pay more, and rationing health care to the chronically ill and elderly, this is the Democrat answer to affordable health care. Ask yourself what happened to America? It is clear that the true extremists in Washington are the Democrats using their false narratives to distort the truth.




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