A Government Shut-Down That’s a Hoax

All From A Timely  Computer Glitch Yeah Right                 

A further attempt to fault the GOP for the current government shut-down, which incidentally, involved a supposed compUS-POLITICS-ECONOMY-BUDGETuter glitch that caused welfare and food recipients to lose the use of the electronic cards. One particular twitter user replied to Ben Ferguson during his syndicated radio show that he was going to riot because his food stamp card was unusable! This is not only too coincidental but absolutely emblematic of the propaganda onslaught currently going on under the Obama Administration. They have used the federal government to punish Americans over a mere 17% shut-down as painful as possible! Does this tell you what your government is and what their intentions are?

Iron fisted tactics

One story of federal police beating World War II veterans, elderly men, who tried to force their way past the World War II memorial barriers to exercise their rights as not only citizens but men who valiantly went to battle for our country. This is how the Obama White House has repaid them! From actions like these it is very easy to ascertain that we now have a federal government that no longer cares about the people, but will inflict inconvenience and more when it comes to fulfilling their agenda! No longer are we governed under a Constitutional Republic, yet the indoctrinated voters are oblivious to the facts. They have been seduced by the Washington propaganda machine dictating to our liberal US media what to say and which lie to use in trying to vilify the Republicans for the intended shut-down engineered by a President who already proclaimed that he would not negotiate with the GOP. It would be his way or the highway.

Government sanctioned harassment

US Park Rangers at many national parks have already been instructed to maximize their control and issuance of fines and more simply to make this shut-down much more painful than it should be. President Obama and the Democrats have exploited a partial shut-down that has little to do with a crisis and everything to do with punishing the people simply for political gain by blaming the GOP for their own calculated shut-down.

One black politician calls another one out

Congressman, Allen West, a former Army Colonel, characterized President Obama as a “brat-child”, a southern expression for a spoiled kid who gets everything and appreciates nothing. Congressman West went on to say that Barack Obama was given a senatorial seat with little if any relevant experience, he received education from Harvard and other prestigious schools for free on grants, and was given the presidency for 2 terms with the GOP allowing him to win on every one of his major issues and agendas, yet Obama will not negotiate! As such, this can be expected of a rigid ideologue, who has little experience aside from the vacuum of academic teaching over radicalism.

America on the brink despite a public in denial

Today many Americans are particularly unaware that their nation has been compromised from within. The enemy is already within the gates. That enemy is the Obama White House, refusing to protect our borders, refusing to prevent voter fraud, allowing illegal aliens in to flood the country without proper processing, raising taxes in a recession, and imposing their challenges to an American heritage of Christian decency and ethics. This assault has been orchestrated with a Communist style campaign of false narratives and clandestine events that only support the subversion it takes to accomplish their twisted agenda. It is time for Americans to wake up and stop the growth of big government that knows no limits to debt ceilings, fiscal irresponsibility, and draconian laws that attack our Constitutional rights.


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