Piers Morgan Nixed from 9 on CNN?

Earlier this morning, we reported that Nightline anchor Bill Weir was departing ABC News for other pastures.

morgan_obamaTVNewser beat us to the punch on the news that his new role is with CNN. But that is only part of the story. A reliable source connected to CNN tells Mediaite that Weir has been promised a show during the 9 p.m. ET hour — an hour that happens to be currently occupied by Piers Morgan.

According to our source, the details and timing have not yet been worked out (and we are told it will likely take “many months“) but that Weir is expected to get either half or all of the 9 p.m. slot, meaning Morgan will either move time slots or, at best, reduce to a half hour of airtime per evening. Another CNN source tells us that Weir’s show will likely launch in “late night” but our original source insists that if that happens, the goal would be to test it out for an eventual move to the 9 p.m. hour.

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CNN announced today that Bill Weir is joining the network as an anchor and Chief Innovation Correspondent. At a time when CNN is expanding the definition of news, the former anchor of ABC News’ Nightline will work with producers to develop original programming across the schedule. He will join CNN in November, and be based in New York.

“Bill’s range, sensibility and curiosity set him apart,” said CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker. “He brings a unique storytelling style, perspective and sense of humor to CNN, and he will be a key player as we continue to expand our line-up.”

In addition to his anchoring and development roles, Weir will bring his forward-looking perspective to coverage of the innovation and technology space. After filing groundbreaking reports from around the world on the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Facebook he will continue to document the pace of leading-edge innovation for CNN.

Said Weir, “I’m ecstatic to join a team with such vast resources and such strong commitment to covering our world. Nightline was a blast and while I’ll always be indebted to my ABC friends this is a chance to mix journalism and creative storytelling in a whole new way. I can’t wait.”

The Black Sphere says:

What’s so sad is that Piers Morgan will be replaced at 9 PM ET by outgoing ABC “Nightline” anchor, Bill Weir. Note the word “outgoing,” as these Leftist failures just recycle the “talent” in hopes that ratings will improve.

Word is Weir will join CNN as an anchor and “chief innovation correspondent.”

Innovation connected with Liberal media is truly an oxymoron.

Fox News has the easiest job in media: watching the Liberal media implode.

No offense to Roger Ailes, but it’s not genius to simply watch the Liberal media fail. And if Fox News continues operating as it does, I predict a Napster will soon eat into its ratings, likely coming from the grassroots media.

People want to know if the media will ever become balanced. It IS balanced.


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