GOP Caves on ObamaCare and Debt Ceiling – Shut-Down Ends

As many might have expected, Republicans capitulated led by Mitch McConnel, one of the go along get along establishment on Capitol Hill, who have compromised on priciple time and time again. America now stands to be propelled further down the deficit path which will ensure that America continues on its inevitable collision course with a monetary crisis, a massive collapse of the US dollar as the federal government spending causes further sell off of US debt to foreign powers.Cowardly capitulation

Texas Senator Ted Cruz stabbed in the back by his colleagues.
Texas Senator Ted Cruz stabbed in the back by his colleagues.

Now we hear some GOP lawmakers making comments that they should not have used defunding Obamacare as a basis for the confrontation with President Obama and his Democratic Party. With an entrenched leftist such as Barack Obama the true blame falls with the President, not the GOP, for trying to keep the proven failures of the Affordable Health Care Act from becoming a terrible reality. Yet, our corrupt US mass media will give the President and Democrats the credit and glory for succeeding into defeating a very valid argument to their over spending, forcing Obamacare down the throats of Americans, and shameless use of false narratives to alter the issues without speaking the truth.

Failed leadership

Washington DC has now become a circus of bad legislation that does not reflect the will of the people or even attempt to address the concerns of responsible wage earners who deserve to be heard. The American people are being gradually railroaded into an existence that clearly contradicts everything our forefathers sought in their quest for individual freedom and legal protection from big government overreach that we are seeing today.This was a sad day for the republic when Republicans allowed the news media blitz of negative coverage over the debt ceiling and government shut-down to erode the advantageous position that they had.

Looming economic disaster

Time and again in the last 5 years, America has been compromised under the continuing assault of federal government intervention into our lives, yet the American people have had no representation, no respite from the continued onslaught, and only assurances of the ever tightening grip of a federal bureaucracy that is determined to force the citizens to knuckle under.The Democrats are moving toward dissolving the debt ceiling process and doing away with it all together. With an already disturbing 17 trillion in federal debt presently which exceeds the nations GDP of an annual 14.2 trillion, the federal government now costs more to run then the entire economic output of the US in one year.

Betrayal of the people

It is clear that neither is the GOP capable of remaining true to the conservative principles that are needed to oppose the President and his destructive agenda or do they have the will to represent their constituents, the American people, who trusted them to stop Obamacare and trusted them to fend off the tide of increased federal spending that s impacting the spending power of the US dollar while punishing the American taxpayer! This is not the America that you and I grew up in. Instead, we are seeing a gradual destruction of everything that our founding fathers stood for and conveyed into the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Is this the eve of destruction for America as a Constitutional republic? Is this the end of a stable fiscal policy that will avert future disaster? If the Democrats have their way, they will indeed invoke not only a fiscal crisis but will use that crisis to drastically transform American, via their Cloward Piven strategy, into a gigantic welfare state. This welfare state is already replete with everything it needs to contain the public, surveillance the public, and control the public using Stalinist tactics through out the markets and even within the police state that has been created in this country.

Unsettling Conclusion

Whether we like it or not, America will indeed become a nationwide prison for those who still believe in individual freedom, free enterprise, and being financially independent as Democrats buy votes of the wards of the state with their federal handouts through social engineering programs such as welfare, food stamps, HUD Section 8, unemployment extensions, and allowing unions to opt out of such nationalized nightmares as Obamacare. Freedom of choice in America is fast becoming a thing of the past as the draconian intervention of a all knowing all seeing federal government carves away at what Constitutional rights that American citizens have left. When will citizens take to the streets and tell the US government they have had enough? When will our political leaders on Capitol Hill step out of their vacuum and see just how they are victimizing their constituents in a war that has been waged against we the people?

Grim Conclusion

In all this one must ask if there really is a master plan to compromise the entire country as the American two party system merely conducts the smoke and mirrors of an already orchestrated outcome. Many experts and analysts would tell you that the world government is quickly imposing its will upon America and has accelerated its plans to further devastate our rights and freedoms as they envelop us in a form of existence deemed abhorrent to the founders of our Constitution. These are dark days with little hope and almost non-existent truth as dark forces move against America!

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