Interview With a Faith-Based Filmmaker: Galley Molina

Screenwriter/Producer, Galley Molina. Courtesy, Reverence Gospel Media
Screenwriter/Producer, Galley Molina. Courtesy, Reverence Gospel Media

Galley Molina is the Founder and CEO of Reverence Gospel Media, LLC and has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 25 years.  Molina started his career as an artist in the music business and after finding success on his own, he began writing and producing for others.  The biggest change in Galley’s life came after meeting a real-life “church girl” and developing a deep and abiding faith. He then redirected the focus of his career, forming Reverence Gospel Media (RGM) to create “God-glorifying, life-impacting projects across the widest possible creative spectrum.” Shortly after founding RGM, Molina met Grammy Award-winner Israel Houghton and both men soon merged their two companies to form a new powerhouse multimedia firm, RGM/New Breed, to produce film, television, publishing and music projects. Molina and Houghton have also co-written scripts for RGM’s next three films.

Jennifer Williams:  Your film, “I’m in Love With A Church Girl” is quite auto-biographical?   How much of the story came from your own life and experiences?  What were the origins of the story?

Galley Molina:  It comes back to a time in my life where I was doing a lot of things I wasn’t supposed to be doing.  I had a very successful career in music and a very successful career in the street.  It was a fast and furious, destructive life. I think that God knew that the only way to my heart at that time was going to be through a woman.  So, when this woman invited me to Church… I went!  My life was never the same after that moment I walked into that Church.  Being raised Catholic mind you, being inside a Christian Church for the same time was a life-changing experience for me.  From that minute on, God took me on a crazy journey and that is what is on the screen.

Jennifer Williams:  How did you and your “Church Girl,” now your wife, initially meet?

Galley Molina:  I was out at a friend’s house and it was his birthday and we were having a BBQ party for him at his house.  He was going to go out to a club that night that I hadn’t really been to myself and he said, “I’m inviting some people over and I want to you meet this girl.”  At that time, I was dating someone else.  But in walked the “Church Girl” and I said “Wow!”  We started dating right away and pretty much never looked back.

Jennifer Williams:  So it was pretty much what we saw in the birthday party scene towards the beginning of “I’m in Love With A Church Girl”?

Galley Molina:  God knew that the only way that I would ever stop and pay attention to what he had to say was going to be through this woman.  When I met her, the strings started playing…

Jennifer Williams:  The candles came out, the sun starting setting…

Galley Molina: Yes!

Jennifer Williams:  How did you teach yourself how to become a screenwriter?  Did you get books from the library and learn as you went along?  A lot of people have a lot of trouble getting off the ground and not being afraid of a pen and paper…


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