The Marriage of Government and Society

Like a marriage government and the people share a fragile alliance.
Like a marriage government and the people share a fragile alliance.

Much like the union of a man and woman the state maintains a relationship with the public. That relationship can exist through mutual respect or it can be a stormy co-existence fraught with lies, violence, and betrayal. When government remains the servant of the people then that marriage between the citizens of that nation and the state will be  harmonious. As a result  the people can not only trust their lawmakers but they can also flourish in a vibrant economy that has not been bullied into submission with politically motivated regulations designed to punish the private sector.

Buying the vote

America is currently in a bad marriage with its federal government. We, the American people have known lies, betrayal, and an unfaithful relationship between the White House and its hard working and self reliant citizens who are being taxed and punished for their affluence so that those who do not share these values can be bought with subsidies and entitlements-federal handouts used to buy their vote. These votes only serve to support government overreach, big government intrusion, and the kind of radical master planning that arrogantly ignores the will of the people while installing a monstrosity that has nothing to do with the guarantees of the US Constitution. The Constitution is like the guide posts of a strong and supportive marriage between a man and woman, it spells out the role of government in the lives of the people who participate in that social relationship between themselves and Capitol Hill.

The majority disapprove

Recently, a Fox news survey showed that 72% of Americans polled feel that the US is headed in the wrong direction and is not being governed responsibly. Yet, with this indicator of growing unrest and lack of faith in our political leadership, the Obama administration continues to push Obamacare, refuses to divulge the truth behind such scandals as Fast and Furious, the Benghazi fiasco, the IRS scandal, and so many more intentional lies that have contributed to the betrayal that Americans are faced within their twisted marriage with a federal government that marches to the beat a much different drummer than the core values of its citizens.

Severing the ties of corruption

Just as in any marriage that has endured enough disrespect, deception, and ambivalence that union between the man and the wife must end in the finality of a divorce. The marriage of the citizen and his government is much the same. If that government consistently fails to uphold the US Constitution and faithfully represent the people of this nation than legal prosecution must be invoked in order to sever the crooked relationship that has been manifested. Only such lawful measures as impeachment and criminal charges being levied against corrupt public officials can serve to perpetuate this government and its promise to the American people like the promises of a fruitful marriage. Only then can harmony exist in America with government in a subservient capacity acknowledging the will of its people, something we have not seen under the reins of the Obama White House.

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